Submit Your Traffic-Calming and Sidewalk Requests

Submit Your Traffic-Calming and Sidewalk Requests

It’s time to make your annual neighborhood traffic-calming and sidewalk requests.

Here are the sort of problems you can address:

  • A stretch of sidewalk in Emerson-Garfield that is missing or in need of repair
  • An arterial or residential street in Emerson-Garfield where drivers speed, accidents occur frequently, and/or the safety of pedestrians is endangered.

To see the boundaries of Emerson-Garfield, check this handy map.

And here are the sort of solutions you can propose:

  • Curb bump-outs
  • Signage
  • Roundabouts/traffic circles
  • Chicanes
  • Improved visibility
  • Crosswalks
  • Private mini-copters to ferry you to/from the destination of your choosing

Once you submit these requests, they’ll be reviewed by the Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council (which you can be a part of if you’re not already), prioritized according to urgency, then passed on to the City of Spokane for analysis and implementation. Most, if not all of the money for these projects comes from sources such as Photo Red dollars and federal Community Development Block Grant funding.

The council welcomes any and all requests, but please be aware that at some point you might have to collect supporting signatures from some residents in the affected area, especially for traffic-calming projects. Though it might take an afternoon or two (less if other neighbors pitch in), signature-gathering is a straightforward and usually pleasant process. If that sounds daunting, the council is happy to assist with advice or even a bit of legwork.

It’s important to remember that your requests have real impact. Every year sidewalks are installed or replaced throughout the entire city as a direct result of these efforts, and Emerson-Garfield (specifically, Montgomery Ave between Monroe and NW Blvd) is the future site of an ambitious residential roundabout project thanks to resident-led traffic-calming requests.

Our deadline is March 7, so please send your requests ASAP. In fact, it’s best if we have  them in hand prior to our upcoming neighborhood council meeting on Wednesday, February 12. Submit them through our easy-to-use online contact form — just be sure to select “Traffic Calming/Sidewalks” from the drop-down menu.

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2 thoughts on “Submit Your Traffic-Calming and Sidewalk Requests

  1. N. Atlantic between Indiana and Buckeye is often used by people looking to avoid Ruby. Measures to slow down traffic would be welcome.

    1. Thanks, Brian. Can you put that in an e-mail to our emerson.garfield (Gmail) address? Specific solutions are a huge help, so if you could identify particular intersections along that stretch of N. Atlantic you’d like to see improved and what improvement (e.g., chicanes, roundabouts) would be the most effective, it would help with the paperwork.

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