Several Headlines of Note

Several Headlines of Note

The city just issued several press releases that are of particular interest to Emerson-Garfield residents and businesses:

Spokane City Council Unanimously Approves Coal Train Resolution

This was a significant topic of discussion when councilman Steve Salvatori spoke at the June 13 EGNC meeting. Spokane could see up to 50 additional open-topped coal trains per day, creating dust, exhaust, noise, and halting traffic.

Traffic Calming Projects to Be Built Using Red Light Camera Dollars

Some of this money is funding new sidewalks on Post Street in Emerson-Garfield. The use of Photo Red money exclusively for traffic-calming measures was also a topic of discussion at the June 13 EGNC meeting; councilman Salvatori had proposed an exception to this rule in order to establish a COPS Shop in northern Spokane.

Cantwell, Murray, McMorris Rodgers Announce $10 million USDOT Grant for North Spokane Corridor

The North Spokane Corridor (or: WSDOT site) will be well east of Division but could potentially lead to less traffic on N. Monroe. Only after completion will we truly be able to gauge how it affects drivers’ habits and freight routes — but the possibility of fewer vehicles ought to have an impact on North Monroe Revitalization.

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