Corbin Park Swing Set Proposal

Corbin Park Swing Set Proposal

We received the following e-mail from Garrett Jones at the City of Spokane Parks & Recreation department:

The City of Spokane Parks and Recreation Department Operations Division is looking at updating a number of swing sets in the park system.

One of our highest priorities is addressing the swing structure at Corbin Park. Our proposal is to replace the existing swings next to the tennis courts and replace them with a two bay (four swings total) arch swing structure. We would like to relocate the new swings closer to the existing play structure to accommodate families and maintenance needs. The project would include the new swing structure, concrete containment curb and resilient surfacing (engineered wood fiber). There would be at least one toddler swing.

I have attached a general concept of the area we would possibly locate the swings [image below]. I have outlined two possible locations. The preferred location will be selected that will have the least amount of impact of existing conditions. I have also included a picture of type of structure we are proposing. This picture was taken at High Bridge Park where we recently installed a new playground.

The Park Operations staff is hoping to to proceed with this project provided that there are no concerns raised by our neighborhood. New and updated swing sets are always welcome, but there might be an issue we’ve overlooked.

If you have questions or concerns about this proposal, you can contact Garrett directly at or simply leave a comment below. We’ll compile all feedback, if any, and present it to him.

The timeframe seems to be quite short on this, so the issue might not be able to wait until our August potluck/council meeting. We’ll post more if that changes.

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