Roundabouts Begin on W Montgomery

Roundabouts Begin on W Montgomery

The barriers and detour that have suddenly sprung up on the stretch of W Montgomery between N Monroe and Northwest Boulevard mark the start of construction for the traffic circles (aka roundabouts) that will help to abate speeding.

The chain-link fence in the left of the photo below has been taken out twice in recent years due to speeders.

Start of W Montgomery roundabouts

This post from August shows the engineering designs and also contains links to the long but fairly smooth history of this project. W Montgomery residents and Trinity Catholic School will be helping to landscape and maintain the roundabouts once they’re completed.

As an important side note, this is being paid for through Photo Red dollars (the fines handed out for running red lights), not tax dollars, and it was entirely resident-proposed. Which is to say, if you’re not happy with the traffic situation on your own street, you can put available funding to good use and do something about it.

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