Proposed Changes to Photo Red: Your Input Is Needed

Proposed Changes to Photo Red: Your Input Is Needed

The Spokane City Council is currently looking at the Photo Red program to see if they want to recommend to the Spokane Police Department to move forward with retaining or amending the contract language.

Neighborhood councils like ours need to be proactive when it comes time for open discussion as to where those funds may be allocated. There is expected to be discussion as to using some of the funds for purposes other than neighborhood traffic calming projects such as roundabouts and speed limit signs. Right now, Photo Red funds can only be used for traffic calming, and a recent vote by the EGNC came out in favor of keeping it this way.

The Community Assembly (which is sort of a roundtable of all Spokane neighborhood councils) is asking for our feedback on this issue so as to introduce it as a discussion topic for the City Council this autumn.

We ask that residents of Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood take the following informal poll(s) so we can provide feedback to the Community Assembly.

[yop_poll id=”2″]
[yop_poll id=”3″]

If you voted “No” on the poll titled Photo Red Funding, please use the comments section below to suggest where you would spend Photo Red funds in addition to neighborhood traffic calming projects.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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2 thoughts on “Proposed Changes to Photo Red: Your Input Is Needed

  1. It’s difficult to make a good decision on this because I need more information. Red Photo cameras “patrolling” intersections known to have yellow/red light running problems probably do benefit from this technology. However, I’d like to know how effective they have been in reducing accidents since they’ve been adopted in Spokane. Where would Spokane Police locate additional cameras were they purchased? What is the cost per camera?

  2. We don’t have the figures for that to hand, and that was part of the reason we added option C in the poll. If the consensus seems to be that more info is needed before we reach a conclusion, we can have someone come to an EGNC meeting and address these very topics.

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