Permanent Sign for the E-G Farmers’ Market

Permanent Sign for the E-G Farmers’ Market

The permanent sign for the Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market (check out the market’s new Facebook page, by the way) went up on N. Monroe yesterday, with a big thanks to the intrepid souls who were willing to risk their necks on ladders as traffic whizzed past. The sign was provided by one of the vendors, Pleasant Prairie Farms, who was able to work within our slender budget while still finding time to bake amazing bread before last Friday’s market.

EGFM sign

This means one less disused signpost along the North Monroe business corridor and a little publicity bump for the market when the sandwich boards aren’t out. And before anyone spots it: Yes, the address should be 806 W Knox instead of 608 W Knox. That will get fixed soon.

Also: The market is hosting a free cooking demo this Friday, August 8 with local chef Adam Hegsted (The Yards, Wandering Table) in celebration of National Farmers Market Week. He’ll be preparing low-cost delicious seasonal recipes using market ingredients. Find out more about the event here.

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