Neighborhood-wide Planting (Nov 15) Cancelled

Neighborhood-wide Planting (Nov 15) Cancelled

We’ve put this news out via other channels — namely, Facebook, Twitter and at Wednesday’s EGNC meeting — but wanted to spread the word here too: The neighborhood-wide planting scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday, November 15) has been cancelled on account of the freezing temperatures.

This was supposed to bring street trees to an entire stretch of N Atlantic and a full block of N Stevens along with hardy native bushes to a traffic median on N Maple, but the ground is frozen both in the nursery as well as at the planting locations.

If you’re interested, some background on the nature and scope of the plantings is available here.

The good news is that the planting will be rescheduled for the spring, and it will be a much larger event with a fun educational component about the care and maintenance of trees. Thanks to all those who were prepared to volunteer and assist with this planting, and we hope your enthusiasm will hold out until spring.

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