N. Monroe Business Meeting, Aug 29

N. Monroe Business Meeting, Aug 29

This month’s North Monroe Business District meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday, August 29 at 6pm. It will be held at Petunia’s Marketplace [map].

Prior to the meeting, the NMBD is asking business owners to take the following short multiple-choice survey that will help focus their efforts.

1. What is your business focus?

  1. Customer service
  2. Community outreach
  3. Public service
  4. Retail
  5. Other: ___________

2. What is your primary business goal?

  1. Increase revenue
  2. Increase public awareness
  3. Generate interest from the city/state
  4. Other: ___________

3. What are your concerns about the N. Monroe Business District?

  1. More foot traffic
  2. Better signage
  3. Better pedestrian access
  4. Easier parking (on-street or off-site)
  5. More events that promote the business district
  6. Other: ___________

You can e-mail your survey answers to petuniasmarketplace@yahoo.com, fax them to (509) 328-4259, or better yet, bring them to the meeting.

Depending on turnout, they’re hoping to plan some upcoming autumn events and think of ways to make the holiday shopping season even more successful.

Questions? Connect with Petunia’s on Facebook or call Stacy Blowers on (509) 328-4257.

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