Materials for the June 12 EGNC Meeting

Materials for the June 12 EGNC Meeting

This month’s Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council Meeting (and the last one until the potluck in August) will take place this Wednesday, June 12 starting at 7pm in the Corbin Senior Center.

Materials are available from the Downloads page. Or grab ’em here:

We have one presentation scheduled for this meeting. Andrew Worlock begged off (please read his e-mail to the EGNC), but we still have police ombudsman Tim Burns, who will be on hand to explain the The Office of the Police Ombudsman‘s 2012 Annual Report and answer questions. (Some recommendations from that report can be found here.)

The August 14 potluck in Corbin Park is approaching faster than we might like, and folks are needed to bring/donate cutlery, tables, hot dogs and burgers (and buns), as well as make and distribute flyers — so please have a think about how and what you might contribute. On a completely unrelated note, we’re also going to be voting on a new head for our Neighborhood Planning Committee.

The launch date for the Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market is July 19. As such, we have a lot to discuss in terms of recent developments and what remains to be done to ensure a successful inaugural event. On another completely unrelated note, the EGNC ought to determine where it stands on forming a non-profit: Do we pursue it, or do we partner with other non-profits instead?

On top of all that comes the usual organization updates (Corbin Center, Emerson Community Garden), crime reports, and announcements. We hope to see you there. And as always, everyone who lives, works, or owns property in Emerson-Garfield is encouraged to attend!

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