Help Us Find a Rocking Chair for K

Help Us Find a Rocking Chair for K

[UPDATE: K got the furniture she was after. Thanks to all those who considered donating.]

A longtime resident of Emerson-Garfield is leaving the neighborhood after nearly half a century.

Kizuyo — who acquired the nickname “K” many years ago because her name was too difficult for her employer to pronounce — first made her home in this neighborhood in 1968. She’s a former librarian, a cancer survivor, and a woman who’s proud of the independence she’s maintained into her ninth decade.

If you live near the southwest corner of the neighborhood, you will probably have seen her walking to and from Safeway on a regular basis. If you ever visited the Corbin Senior Center, there’s a good chance she was there doing puzzles.

As she prepares to move into a smaller apartment across town, she mentioned that she’s looking for a sofa or a rocking chair “with big arms” to replace the furniture she can’t take with her.

If anyone from Emerson-Garfield has any items along these lines to offer K, please leave a comment below or get in touch. It would be nice to see her leave with something from Emerson-Garfield beyond her forty-six years of memories.

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