Emerson-Garfield’s $20,000 Question

Emerson-Garfield’s $20,000 Question

The reconvened E-G Neighborhood Planning group will be meeting on Wednesday, January 9 at 6pm (an hour before the regular neighborhood council meeting) to discuss what planning manager Jay Cousins is billing as “Emerson-Garfield’s $20,000 Question.”

The amount refers to the money that is allocated to each of the neighborhoods that take part in the planning process. If the stakeholders opt not to continue, that funding naturally ends too.

In an e-mail to all stakeholders, Jay wrote:

We are facing a bit of a dilemma regarding neighborhood planning: The process has been started, so the clock is running (we have two years). After that time, results or not, the Planning department moves on.

Or, we can stop the process now and go to the back of the line, where we will wait about ten years before we could start again.

What to do? Continue planning or bag it? Something else?

We need to make the decision as a group.

Please attend a planning chat for about an hour.

We can hear folks’ thoughts and kick around some options.

Bring your opinions and options with you (maybe it helps if you drink heavily beforehand).

If you have thoughts on the matter but are unable to attend, please leave a comment or get in touch using the Contact page.

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