Project Joy Orchestra Needs a Percussionist

Project Joy Orchestra Needs a Percussionist

Project Joy is an organization of volunteer 50+ entertainers who bring music into care/retirement homes, schools, assisted-living facilities, and more. It’s also one of Emerson-Garfield neighborhood’s nonprofit beneficiaries. Last year our neighborhood allotted them $1,000 out of our Community Development Block Grant funds.

Project Joy has a volunteer orchestra called, fittingly, the Project Joy Orchestra. As with any volunteer organization, their success relies on the right people stepping forward at the right time to donate their time and energy.

At the moment the PJO is in need of a percussionist (and they could always use a few other instrumentalists too). The following call for volunteer musicians has gone out:

Ever just wanted to hit something?

We are a group of retired folks, students, and fun-loving amateur musicians who enjoy weekly gatherings and making music. As it turns out, we are down to one percussionist. Anyone who has musical experience, reads music, and enjoys being around those who are so inclined, are welcome.

Our normal rehearsal times are 9:30am to 11:45am every Tuesday morning, and concert times are usually Thursday afternoons. Now would be a great time to become a part of the orchestra so we can plan our fall schedule. Come sit in on a rehearsal and perhaps even come to one of our concerts with an eye toward joining one of the finest and most fun volunteer musical organizations in the region.

There is always room for another string player, selected winds, and a cheerleader or two in addition to percussionists. Sometimes it is fun to come with a friend. Better yet, what would happen if you offered to carpool with them?

We actually have a party (with goodies) at every rehearsal! Everyone loves a party! And it doesn’t cost anything to join.

To look us over, go to

For more information, and/or to contact an orchestra representative, write to, or call the Project Joy office at 509-535-0584. So, please come hit something! We will be glad you did! We think you will be glad, too.

The PJO is on summer hiatus right now, but they will be starting up again around Labor Day.

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