New Sidewalks Along Madison

New Sidewalks Along Madison

Lest it seem that our neighborhood requests routinely fall on deaf ears or get nixed due to lack of available funding, allow us to draw your attention to Madison Street, where construction crews are currently putting in new sidewalks.

The channel has been dug for the new sidewalk.

We’re hoping that these sidewalks will ultimately run all the way down Madison to Emerson Park. This tends to be the principal route that families and older children take toward Emerson Park, and it will be better for both them and drivers if they no longer have to be on the road.

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Unfortunately, the construction crews had to cut down very old and distinctive black locust trees in at least one block to make way for the sidewalk. We hope these will be replaced with new street trees — with more added to the parking strip along the way where they’re lacking.

We’ll keep you updated with photos of the new sidewalk as installation progresses.

What’s next for Madison? A bike lane, maybe?

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