New E-G Farmers’ Market Tokens

New E-G Farmers’ Market Tokens

The new tokens for the Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market just arrived!

The $1 and $5 tokens were generously sponsored by Washington Grown and Landie Chappell (of PrimeLending), respectively. We’re incredibly grateful for their support and are looking forward to putting the new tokens into circulation at tomorrow’s market.

EGFM tokens

If you have some tokens knocking about in your pocket already, don’t worry. You don’t have to exchange them (though you can if you want to!). Vendors will still gladly accept the old ones, even into next season.

And remember: These tokens (just like the old ones) are also valid at the West Central Marketplace, which takes place every Tuesday from 3-6pm at A.M. Cannon Park (right next to the West Central Community Center). We’re the few — if not the only — farmers’ markets in Spokane who have joint currency!

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