Market Manager Opportunity

Market Manager Opportunity

Reminder – last weeks of this season’s market!
Friday, September 20 – Craft Walk
Friday, September 27 – Last market of the season

The Emerson-Garfield Farmers’ Market is looking for a new manager to lead the market into its eighth season in 2020.

This is a unique and profoundly rewarding volunteer opportunity for someone — or several someones — to make a lasting impact on multiple fronts:

  • Helping fledgling or small-scale farmers get a vital foothold in the local economy.
  • Providing nonprofits and other organizations with an effective, face-to-face outreach platform.
  • Increasing access to healthy, affordable, locally grown food beyond the high-disposable-income demographic.
  • Hosting a positive, vibrant, community-oriented event in a space that would otherwise be empty.
  • Bringing together individuals, couples and families whose paths might not cross under any other circumstances.
  • Contributing to a more sustainable food system.
  • The list goes on.

The current manager has overseen the market for the past seven years. In that time, the vendor count has grown along with foot traffic, volunteers, community partnerships and regular activities/events. A new manager would be taking control of that established platform and all its possibility.

Lack of experience isn’t a disqualifying factor. What’s far more important is dedication, resourcefulness and vision.

This role also isn’t limited to one person. If you’d like to divvy up the managerial responsibilities and work alongside others as a team, that should be doable.

The current manager is committed to advising and actively volunteering, and there’s an existing pool of committed volunteers from the Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council who are willing to handle specialized roles (e.g., music booking, volunteer coordination, kids’ activities) and assist with setup, point of sale and teardown during market days.

And, finally, there is the possibility of pay. There are potential funding sources and other resources that could be pursued should that be a priority of the new manager(s).

If you’re interested, pleased e-mail or call (509) 255-3072. You can also stop by the market on any of the next three Fridays in September (3 to 7pm, 2310 N Monroe) and come to the market info booth.

Without a manager (or managers) firmly in place by January, it’s unlikely that the market will be able to continue.

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