Hillyard Revitalization on “Council Connection”

Hillyard Revitalization on “Council Connection”

If you’re interested in what North Monroe Revitalization might hold in store for you as well as the wider neighborhood, tune in to Council Connection tonight (June 6) at 6pm on CityCable 5.

Council Member Mike Fagan of District 1 will host the program. He’s going to be joined by several members of the Historic Hillyard Merchants Committee (representing Outlaw Café, Market Street Antiques & Collectibles, Tread Tech, and more) for a discussion of the Hillyard Downtown Revitalization Project in terms of both the challenges of execution and its success after completion.

The group won’t just be talking among themselves, either. They’ll be fielding calls from viewers during the hour-long program.

The business owners will also take time to discuss the Hillyard Mobile Network, a grassroots marketing effort that entices shoppers to their area with special deals and discounts. Now that it’s been pioneered elsewhere in Spokane, it’s something that N. Monroe business owners might like to consider.

More info about tonight’s Council Connection program is available here.

And remember that you don’t have to content yourself with watching local cable programs — you personally can help shape the course of the North Monroe Revitalization Project. Get in touch by filling out the contact form on this page (select “Other” as the subject).

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