Growing Neighbors News

Growing Neighbors News

From our friends, and Emerson-Garfield Farmer’s Market vendors, Growing Neighbors:

Howdy Neighbors!
Our good buddies at Shadle Park Presbyterian Church need to sell the house next to their church building and that means we need to move out all the stuff we’re storing on that property! We would love your help with that including ideas about how to move an 8×12′ shed and 8×8′ greenhouse. Here are some additional items that we need to find homes for, and your home could be an option if you need any of these materials to help you grow and share healthy food and relationships with your neighbors!

  • Bikes and bike trailers for making food deliveries
  • Little free pantries
  • Wood for building raised beds, compost bins, and yard signs
  • Pots, trays, and other plant start materials – Now is a great time for you to start some plants in your places (home, work, church, etc.)
  • Buckets for community compost collection & garden work
  • Garden tools including wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, hoes, etc.
  • Cardboard for weed suppression
  • Sticks for building a natural-looking trellis
  • Blocks for building a small bed or border
  • Fencing for trellising
  • Ice chests for hauling your fresh produce to local neighbors and/or the GN booth at your local farmers’ market
  • Tomato Cages
  • 50 gallon compost tea brewer
  • Large commercial sink for an outdoor produce wash station
  • Posts/stakes for holding trellis fencing or for pole beans
  • Booth supplies for your local GN farmers’ market team
  • Other odds and ends related to gardening 🙂

I’d love to have you over anytime next week to pick up what you need for your local garden and/or to help me organize and move things around!

Peace & Produce,

Johnny & Your GN Family 🙂
Office: 509-327-5522

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