Call for a Short-Term Licensing Rep

Call for a Short-Term Licensing Rep

The Community Assembly is looking for a representative to serve on a Short-Term Licensing Committee.

The purpose of the committee is to cogitate and arrive at recommendations for a proposed short-term licensing ordinance. This will affect things like AirBnB rentals.

There will be a total of four meetings:

  • June 4. Introduction to issue, brainstorming
  • Jun 18. Explore and digest what other communities are doing, refine what we want to do in Spokane (e.g., taxes, safety, building)
  • July 2. Review draft ordinance that staff develops, provide feedback
  • July 14. Finalize comments

Anyone interested should contact Jeanette Harras at (509) 487-8280 as soon as possible. Leave your name, phone number, neighborhood council affiliation and e-mail address.

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