Broadband Internet Survey – Used for Funding Decisions

Broadband Internet Survey – Used for Funding Decisions

The Spokane BAT is currently leading the region’s engagement in a statewide broadband and digital equity planning process. Through mid-June of this year, we will be working to understand infrastructure gaps better, identify available digital equity resources, and develop a plan to address our community’s specific needs that will roll into our state’s BEAD strategy. It is estimate that upwards of $1 Billion dollars may be coming to WA State through BEAD allocations. This is DIRECTLY determined by the robustness of our Digital Equity plan work from each county and tribal BAT contributions.

This work can only be accomplished with the help of a wide range of community stakeholders. We are contacting you as a community representative whose input is highly valuable to this process. 

We kindly request that you complete the survey(s) below by April 15th, 2023. 

These surveys are brief (5 minutes), and the information will be utilized strictly for broadband and digital equity planning purposes. If you are not able to access the online form version, please contact

Ariane E. Schmidt  MBA, MCSE, PMP Acting Executive Director
Office: 509-477-2625 | Cell: 509-385-3441

and they will assist in providing you an alternative entry format.  

Not all of the forms below may apply to your entities involvement in the broadband space. That is just fine. Please just feel free to fill out what you feel is important information related to your work in digital equity that needs to be included as part of the story of Spokane County.

Local Infrastructure Asset Survey

Take this survey to help us collect information to identify what assets (infrastructure, staff) your organization already has in place that might help support local broadband infrastructure development efforts. (Right of way, conduit, GIS staff, telecom staff, grant writers, etc.)

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